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Silver diamine fluoride is treating tooth cavities without drilling:


Deep Breathing Could Help You Recover From Covid-19

Two integrative medicine physicians explain the benefits of breathing practices and qigong

A chest x-ray shows a patient with pulmonary fibrosis. Photo: BSIP/Getty Images

When examining a patient for Covid-19, we always ask about the breath. “Is it short?” “Does your chest feel tight?” “Let’s measure your oxygen saturation.” What if a secret to recovery from the virus was in the breath as well?

Learn More: https://elemental.medium.com/deep-breathing-could-help-you-recover-from-covid-19-383f5cb54434

To Lower Your Dementia Risk, Experts Recommend Looking After Your Teeth - Being Patient


Dementia And Dentistry In The Private Practice Setting

3 CEUS. AGD CODE # 754

Dr. Deborah Nachman-Mangot
Dental Studies Institute
7 Spielman Road Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: (973) 808-1666

There is an increase and trend in dementia of the aging population. Identifying and understanding how to accommodate these older adults will help dental professionals successfully treat and retain these patients as long as possible in their practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a patient with dementia in your practice
  • Accommodate and adjust both dental and management approaches to retain your patient
  • Learn dental and management treatment options for individuals with dementia for their present and future needs


Deborah Nachman-Mangot, D.D.S., CDP, CADDCT has over 18 years of providing mobile dental care to various different types of communities (including dementia and Alzheimer's care) throughout Northern New Jersey.

Vivian Green Korner, MA, CDP. For the past twenty-five years she has dedicated her career to enhancing the lives of individuals challenged with Alzheimer's disease and offering much needed support and guidance to their caregivers. She is recognized as a dementia expert. 

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DSI is an approved provider through the ADA CERP program; many dental CE courses are also approved by the NJ Board of Dentistry.

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